How does F13 work with nvidia hardware ?

stefan riemens fgfs.stefan at
Wed May 26 17:09:41 UTC 2010

It worked flawlessly for me. I had the driver installed from
rpmfusion's repo. I just (today) preupgraded to f13 and everything
seems to be working perfectly fine, including my nvidia gfx drivers!

2010/5/26, Bill Davidsen <davidsen at>:
> Linuxguy123 wrote:
>> I run the proprietary, closed source nvidia driver in F12.  What happens
>> when I upgrade to F13 ?
> The short answer is that you may have to boot in vesafb mode and install the
> driver using that. If that doesn't work booting in run level three and
> upgrading
> your driver from CLI.
> The kernel driver isn't bad for modern hardware, and there are some test
> versions (or were last time I looked) before you go closed source. Support
> for
> old ATI hardware seems to have deteriorated, you don't have that problem.
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