Fedora 12, Xorg, and Apex Outlook KVM, - can't nail resolution

Styma, Robert E (Robert) robert.styma at alcatel-lucent.com
Wed May 26 21:07:22 UTC 2010

> > It appears that Xorg has gotten so good at protecting me from myself that
> > when it comes up with the wrong answer, I am just stuck.  Maybe a different
> > 8 port KVM might produce better results, but I am not ready to buy another.

> It would be nice if old hardware was handled better, 
> but risking destroying
> hardware doesn't seem like a good solution.

> I have been using xorg.conf files to handle my old monitors that don't do
> EDID. This isn't a good solution, but once you get them set up you don't
> need to mess with any more.

I agree with you in principle.  However, my monitor is not that old, it is
Mitsubishi 21" CRT and it is detected just fine when I plug it right into
the computer.  When I run it through the KVM switch, something gets lost and
The monitor is not detected correctly.  If I plug the monitor indirectly, 
boot the machine, and then put the cables back in the KVM, it is fine until
the next reboot.  I have tried various tricks to capture the Xorg.conf file
>From the direct plug in and then put them back.  There were also various
options suggested for FC12 to disable some of the monitor scanning, but
they were ineffective.

My desire now is to find the detected EDID and hardcode it as a kernel parameter as was suggested when the thread first started.

PS. I do appreciate your time Bruno.

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