New to Linux - BIOS before 2000?

Mercury Rising mercuryrising11 at
Thu May 27 16:01:28 UTC 2010

Cent OS 5.4 loaded with error messages.  One was BIOS 1999 and I have a 1997
BIOS.  I get a command line and help brings up a list.  Is there a manual
for Cent OS?

On 5/20/10, Gilboa Davara <gilboad at> wrote:
>  On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 9:20 PM, Mercury Rising <
> mercuryrising11 at> wrote:
>> hi,
>> I got so tired of windows problems - viruses, screen - computer freezes, I
>> just stuck in a Linux for non-geeks CD and loaded it.  It wiped my hard
>> drive as expected, but I kept getting an error near the end of the install.
>> A friend gave me another Linux load, but it give me an error saying my BIOS
>> was 1997 and I needed a a 2000 BIOS or better.  The machine has a Pentium 3
>> with 550 MHz CPU with over 700 Megs memory but a small hard drive of just 10
>> Gigs with a swapable drive in pull out bay with a grab bar.  I was using
>> Windows XP Pro 2000 for OS.  I installed a USB 2.0 on it that worked most of
>> the time.  I have done a lot of Google searches to see if I could find Linux
>> and a GUI that would be as easy as a Mac or XP environment for a 1997 BIOS
>> machine.
>> Any ideas on a good Linux load for such an old machine?  With the XP I
>> could print to a office jet 7410 all-in-one printer, scanner fax with no
>> problems.
>> Browsing the Internet was ok, but video - youtube was mostly non-worable -
>> mostly too slow.
> I'm running CentOS 5.4 / i386 on a 12 y/o Dell Inspiron 7000 (PII366/256MB)
> notebook without any issue.
> I also tested Fedora 11 on this machine and it worked just fine. (Somewhat
> slower than CentOS, so I decided to stay with CentOS)
> At least in my case, the BIOS date is not an issue.
> - Gilboa
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