Correct instructions for installing NVidia proprietary driver on Fedora 13?

Andre Robatino andre at
Fri May 28 21:39:11 UTC 2010

Andre Costa <blueser <at>> writes:

> I have a 9800 GT, and all I had to do for F13 was enable rpmfusion repo and
install kmod-nvidia; after that Nvidia driver was already used on the next boot,
but it didn't recognize my dual-head setup (which was expected). I tried using
nvidia-settings (as root) to configure dual-head, but I had some trouble setting
it exactly the way I wanted; then I just replaced /etc/X11/xorg.conf with the
one from my F12 /etc backup and that was it. Much easier than with F12 =)

In a clean F13 install, I find that the SELinux boolean allow_execstack is on by
default (unlike F12), so I don't have to change it.  However, the other steps
listed for F12 are still necessary.  (I'm not using dual-head so that wasn't an

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