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On 5/28/2010 10:10 PM, Mike Fedyk wrote:
> On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 4:22 PM, David Boles <dgboles at> wrote:
>> On 5/28/2010 4:32 PM, Bill Crawford wrote:
>>> On 28 May 2010 18:40, Patrick O'Callaghan <pocallaghan at> wrote:
>>>> On Fri, 2010-05-28 at 17:48 +0100, Bill Crawford wrote:
>>>> Well, we aren't talking about desktop vs netbook vs server but I guess
>>>> it's immaterial.
>>> Uh, good point. Sorry. More like Ubuntu vs Kubuntu etc. Mm. Please
>>> excuse my momentary burst of idiocy ...
>> None of you was here when this was talked about? Since October? And now
>> you want to bitch becasue the site does NOT fit YOUR needs. REALLY!
>> All of you (three? four? of you are unhappy and have attacked and
>> insulted the person that tried really hard to provide this site.
>> All of you have spent more effort and time bitching about this than you
>> did to help this person with this.
>> Where were you four people the *MONTHS* that this was debated? And *NOW*
>> you want to bitch?
>> You are joking? The Earth obits the Sun. Linux orbits and survives on
>> the work of the many. not you few. Those that bitch.
> Let's see here.  There are a *lot* of different communities around
> each component that can affect you.
> A short list of what a browser depends upon: w3c, gecko/webkit,
> qt/gtk, xlib/xcb, xorg, gcc, glibc, linux kernel.  Are you subscribed
> to all of those lists and monitor them?
> One of them broke your browser.
> You say "We put out notices *months ago* and now you're complaining?"
> Well so can any of the communities mentioned above.  At least by what
> you are stating here.
> So please count to 10, or maybe 20 and realize that there are many
> circles of people outside and within fedora that don't watch all other
> parts of the whole.  It just wouldn't scale that way.
> My recommendation is after the designer SIG has hashed it over,
> attempt getting feedback from the intended audience, and that audience
> is the users list and then the general public.
> === Off topic:
> My personal view is that torrents should be the first option
> presented, and direct downloads from http or ftp should be moved to a
> secondary page.
> === Off topic2:
> IMO, introducing another operating system at the same time as
> introducing open source applications is a mistake.  People are already
> changing habits enough by using a new app, adding another set of
> possible complications leads to the high probability that the app will
> get a negative association if something goes wrong.
> For this reason I've been watching for a OSS distro based on MS
> Windows that includes package management, updates, etc.  Its sole
> purpose would be to build a critical mass of OSS app usage and
> findability (if a user knows about firefox, how are they going to know
> about inkscape, gimp and OOo?) so that people will easily be able to
> install the apps and then realize that every app they use is OSS, why
> keep around Windows?
> Let's face it, right now keeping even OSS 10 apps, working together,
> updated and integrated is a major task in of itself right now on
> windows.
> Disclaimer: I have no love for windows, but making life easier for
> people just starting with the apps can only grow the pool of OSS users
> and developers.
> === Off topic3:
> torrent download should be integrated into the update system (yum)
> with a fallback for when torrents fail -- if torrents are blocked by
> corporate firewalls for instance.

And what you said was well said. And you did it WITHOUT attacking
anyone! How refreshing!

:-)  << that smile means that I am smiling.

Honest to goodness. My whole point here is that we can ALL get along
WITHOUT attacking one another. Understand?

I took the devils place in this to prove a point. NONE of this is
life-or-death stuff. Really? Yeah! Really.

Are you HAPPY with the page? Say so. UNHAPPY? Say so. But be nice about
it. Suggestions and not insults. Examples and not crap.

I am sure that help and suggestions and examples would be welcome.

After a lot of time, effort, and work expended a kick in the groin does
not get smilies.

Can't we all be friends with different ideas and different thoughts but
still working towards a common goal here?

What is wrong with that?



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