Is this the Linux list for beginners

Patrick Bartek bartek047 at
Sat May 29 17:19:09 UTC 2010

--- On Fri, 5/28/10, Mercury Rising <mercuryrising11 at> wrote:

> Linux seems a bit overwhelming to me, but I am determined to get it and
> learn it. Is this the right LISTSERV to be on?

This list is specifically for Fedora Linux users.  Many other distros have their own.  Although, many of the solutions and fixes proffered here will work with other distros.

Since you are new to Linux, you need to get a good knowledge foundation first instead of stumbling around in cyberspace looking for answers.  Buy and study this book: RUNNING LINUX by O'Reilly Press (  The latest edition, I think, is five, and even though it is several years old, it is still a wonderful beginner's reference and overview.  I have the third edition, which I bought 10 years ago when I migrated from the Amiga to Linux, and I still refer to it.

Welcome to the Linux community.


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