preupgrade: not enough space again

Alan Evans ame.fedora at
Sat May 29 18:39:20 UTC 2010

Preupgrade is complaining that I don't have enough space in
/boot/upgrade. How much space is needed? Preupgrade is not telling me.
It *did* tell me that I could continue if I had a wired network
connection. I do have, so I continued; and then after finally
downloading all the packages (much time) and rebooting it apparently
couldn't find the driver for my network card. Bother.

Cancelling at that point and rebooting did bring back my F12, so that
was good. But I've cleaned out boot as much as I think possible and
still there's not enough space.

I thought this was done to death during the last upgrade cycle. And I
think I have a non-upgraded install of F12 on this machine, yet /boot
is still too small for preupgrade to work! Ack!

Will this work if I go buy a generic network card? Apparently the one
already installed (and that I'm using now) is no good for the


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