"Alien" .deb converter to rpm in F14, how?

Dmitrij S, kryzhevich krege at land.ru
Tue Nov 23 08:07:40 UTC 2010


I have alien built for F14 (64bit) here: 

It _could_ be used on 32bit system, but will create /usr/lib64 dir (my mistake 
while package building) wich is not required at all.


> Has anyone managed to install "Alien" (the .deb to .rpm package
> converter) in Fedora 14?.
> I remember that back at the time when I ran FC7, I was able to install
> it. However, I tried nowadays and it complains about some Perl modules
> missing.
> I tried following the directions here
> http://content.hccfl.edu/pollock/AUnix1/alien/
> If anyeone can try and give me a hand, I´d really appreciate it.
> The reason for this? I want to create a RPM for jEdit (www.jedit.org)
> from the provided .deb
> Thanks in advance.
> FC
> PS: I apologize for not providing the detailed error message but I
> don´t have my Linux system with me at this moment.

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