kickstart user and the --gecos option

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Wed Nov 24 19:43:33 UTC 2010

I am installing F12 via kickstart.  I want to set up my userid, and 
after a bit of reading figured out I needed to add the user command.

On reading I figured 
out I needed:

user --name=me --gecos="me myself" --password=nothingspecial

But the install gave me an error on the --gecos option, saying it was an 
invalid option.  So I removed it to get the install going, I can add the 
name later.  But what gives, here.  I used gecos back in the late 70s to 
mid-80s.  Gecos 4 and 6 when I worked at AMC!  Did a lot with the 
Codesyl database on online transaction processor....

Anyway, yeah, GECOS.  My cuz worked for them too.  So what is the format 
for --gecos when you want a space in the name field.  And where are the 
GECOS fields described?

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