End of life for FC12?

Hiisi saippua5 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 22:46:07 UTC 2010

to, 2010-11-25 kello 13:55 -0500, Bill Davidsen kirjoitti:
> I stayed on FC4 for similar reasons, until I could go to better
> hardware and 
> FC13, and I still run XP in a VM for one application. I know where you
> are 
> coming from.
> I stay with things that work for me, I'm still on wife 1.0. ;-)

I usually do yum update girlfriend. It produces a lot of warnings like
"You're logged into reality as root user" but usually makes the trick.
However it seems that this time I won't get away with it:
yum list installed | grep wife
wife.i686	1.0.beta.rc	@rawhide

To the topic: F12 seems to became more stable recently. My current
uptime is 12 days, 14:55 which is remarkable for this specific
damn my office is cold.
 need a hot secretary to warm it up.
	-- Seen on #Linux

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