My HaSee( a relatively small manufacture in China ) Laptop cannot not poweroff when I shut down my system even if using halt -p or poweroff -p command

Zhanhui Li lizhanhui at
Tue Oct 5 12:51:58 UTC 2010

Hey, everyone
       I run into a problem as described in the subject. Here is the basic
information of my system.
 Hardware: InsydeH20 mainboard Intel core 2 CPU.
OS: Fedora 13
problem description:

Every time I shutdown my system, the system indeed goes down and there is no
failed warning. in the last line of the log is "sending signal to every ..."
last line " power off" then the system freezes with power on.

I google and find someone allege it may be due to the motherboard InsydeH20,
but their solution does not work for me despite I do whatever as they asked.


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