Aren't upgrades demanding too much restarts?

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Thu Sep 2 11:15:22 UTC 2010

kalinix wrote:

>> What exactly is ksplice meant to do?
>> I yum-installed it today,
>> and then ran "yum update" which installed a new kernel.
>> I expected this to start running, but it didn't.
>> Admittedly I didn't read any instructions.

> ksplice and yum update are two entirely different things. Let's say you
> are running kernel yum update downloads and install the
> latest kernel release of your vendor of choice (e.g. Fedora's kernel
> from your vendor's repository; ksplice update downloads
> only deltas between and, compiled as modules,
> and apply them on the current running kernel. The deltas are downloaded
> from ksplice site, therefore are compiled by them.
> So if you ran yum update you just downloaded and installed the latest
> Fedora kernel, which needs reboot.

I yum-installed ksplice under Fedora-13.
I don't seem to have any application called "ksplice",
so how do I run "ksplice update" as you suggest?

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