SELinux - a call for end-of-life.

Daniel J Walsh dwalsh at
Thu Sep 2 14:43:04 UTC 2010

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On 09/02/2010 09:25 AM, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 02, 2010 at 08:30:29 -0400,
>   John Mellor <john.mellor at> wrote:
>> I agree with you about the extreme cost of the relabel problem, but that
>> may be due to a lack of knowledge on my part.  Relabeling the very small
>> subset of space that is used for system and some of the more common
>> applications is only going to take a couple of minutes, but if I have a
>> few petabytes of disks attached, I do NOT want that walked under any
>> circumstances by the relabeling process.  Is there a way to restrict the
>> relabeling to only a small subset of the filesystem?
> restorecon can relabel recursively down from directories.
> You shouldn't have to be doing many relabels in any case. Updates are supposed
> to take care of that.
I just blogged on this.

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