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Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Mon Sep 13 13:38:24 UTC 2010

Jon Ingason wrote:
> 2010-09-07 17:32, Marvin Kosmal skrev:
>> Hi
>> Was trying to watch some youtube video and got a message I needed
>> Adobe Flash Player 10.
>> Is that one of the rpmfusion things or what?
>> TIA
>> Marvin
> If you are running on x86_64 platform I can recommend following URL:
> It works for me running F12 and F13
Well, sort of. Adobe no longer supports Linux 64 bit (the software is gone from 
their "labs" URL). This older version will work, but has some significant 
security issues, addressed in 32 bit by the latest 32 bit available.

Note that 10.1.x.x has a problem of its own, some sites are sniffing for "10.0" 
and tell you to upgrade to Flash10 to view their content. CSCCSS[1] for sure.

[1] Client Software Can't Cure Server Stupidity

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