selective command history

Simon Andrews simon.andrews at
Fri Sep 17 12:22:13 UTC 2010

On 17/09/2010 00:46, suvayu ali wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I wanted to have different command history for my interactive bash
> session and the history that is written in my bash_history file. Does
> anyone have any idea how to achieve that?
> My use case is, to be able to use up arrow or be able to search
> through my history with C-r for all the commands I type. But I want to
> ignore the trivial day to day use commands to be ignored when the
> history is written to the history file. If I set HISTIGNORE the
> ignored commands also disappear from the interactive command history,
> but without it my shell history file gets cluttered with all these day
> to day commands.

Set HISTIGNORE to 'ignorespace' and prefix any commands you want to 
ignore with a space.


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