Can't tell which hard drive to install Fedora 13 OS to.

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> Hi all,
> I am using a laptop with two hard drives in it, one which has Windows
> Vista installed on it, and another physical drive which is a Data drive,
> each of them are 150 GB in capacity.  I wanted to convert my Data drive
> into a disk that has Fedora 13 (KDE Spin) on it.  I made a 2GB USB pen
> drive into a LiveUSB with the KDE Spin ISO file on it and my computer
> boots up fine into Fedora 13 with it.  However, when I go to "Install to
> Hard Drive," I am presented with a conundrum.  When I go to select which
> drive I want to install the Fedora OS to, the drives are virtually
> indistinguishable, save for differing IDs which are just strings of random
> numbers and letters.  I can't, for example, tell from this how much space
> is left on either, or which drive has Windows installed on it, and I don't
> want to partition one for Fedora 13 only to find out that it was the drive
> with Windows on it and end up losing all of my information.  Does anyone
> know of a way to distinguish between the two, or can anyone help me
> through this process?  Thank you for your time and help!
> Dan
> -

If you are more familiar with Windows use Windows to delete the unwanted
volume/drive. That way, you should easily be able to discern which drive is
empty. For Vista do:  Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative
Tools -> Computer Management (Local) ->Storage -> Disk Management.
Right-click on the Data volume (drive) and select :"Delete Volume".
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