Problem with USB KVM Switch.

Tom Horsley horsley1953 at
Sun Sep 19 12:18:35 UTC 2010

On Sun, 19 Sep 2010 19:03:25 +1000
Michael D. Setzer II wrote:

> Is this a problem with the KVM switch or with the Monitor using default 
> settings. Don't understand why it sees the monitor as unknown even when it 
> is the selected PC on the swich at boot up.

Do you have the KVM switched to the system at the time it is booting?
If not, very few KVM switches (possibly none of them) are smart enough
to provide the EDID info that new versions of X insist on. I have heard
rumor of kernel options to override EDID on the kernel boot line,
but never seen an example.

If you do have it switched to the system while it is booting, then
it is probably just a problem with the KVM switch (different switches
are very spotty when it comes to supporting all this stuff correctly).

I have a 4 port usb/DVI switch that is branded IOGEAR but I think
actually made by ATEN. It is the only KVM switch I've ever had that
has worked pretty much flawlessly.

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