Can't set userContent.css for Firefox

Colin Paul Adams colin at
Wed Sep 22 08:58:49 UTC 2010

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim  <ignored_mailbox at> writes:

    Tim> On Wed, 2010-09-22 at 08:34 +0100, Colin Paul Adams wrote:
    >> I have created a userContent.css in
    >> ~/.mozilla/firefox/<garbage>.default/chrome/userContent.css
    >> that looks like this:
    >> body { backgroundColor: yellow;
    >> }
    >> and restarted firefox (3.5.12 - FC12) but it does nothing.
    >> What am i doing wrong?

    Tim> A syntax error

What's the syntax error?

    Tim> If you want, and (once corrected) would only be applied to
    Tim> pages that don't have any styling rules, already.
    Tim> to force an overriding style, you need to add an "!important"
    Tim> clause, before the semi-colon.

I originally had the ! important, but I removed it from
the example to keep things simple. The example doesn't even work on a
page that has no style rules.
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