Desktop right-click menu

Greg Woods woods at
Fri Sep 24 15:45:56 UTC 2010

Is there any way to modify the menu that comes up when you right click
on the desktop? I would like to add an item.

What I need is a way to invoke nvidia-settings from a blank desktop.
This comes up on my new laptop. The LCD screen resolution is 1440x990,
very nice but that resolution isn't supported by any of the monitors I
connect it to, so it comes up in separate screen mode and the monitor
screen is a blank desktop. I would like to be able to invoke
nvidia-settings from there, without having to open the laptop lid and
use that screen. Once I have nvidia-settings running, I can click a
couple of buttons to change it to "clone" mode and use a supported
resolution, which will give me access to the real desktop on the
external monitor. Unfortunately the resolutions supported by the various
monitors are not the same, so just hard-coding a resolution into
Xorg.conf isn't a good option. I also want the laptop screen to come up
in its maximum resolution by default for the cases where it is NOT
plugged in to an external monitor, so programming a low resolution that
would be supported by any monitor is also not a good option.


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