Weird Network Manager Problem (Updated)

Mike Dwiggins mike at
Sun Sep 26 02:14:38 UTC 2010


I figured you or someone else might like to know this.  I killed the dhc 
process and cleaned up the .conf files did a restart on Network Manage 
and everything worked!

Ran chkrootkit and it hit on netstat as Infected (imagine that).  It 
also reported a possible LKM Trojan intrusion.  I then ran rkhunter and 
it threw warnings on the following files:

It also reported undocumented password change and group file changes.

Password I could see with me going through Webmin to reset the root 
password but, I was careful to change nothing else much less groups!

I rebooted and the problem was back just as before!

With that I threw up my hands and have WipeDrive going on the drives in 
DoD mode!

Hope this might help someone!

Again thanks for the help!

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