Help with VirtualBox??????

DB Freddog_de at
Mon Sep 27 15:39:21 UTC 2010

Hi All,

Just loaded VirtualBox on my antique system - very pleasantly surprised 
how easily eveything (almost!) seems to have gone.... must be a problem 
waiting to bite me!

Anyway, reason for going down this path is to be able to use Photbook 
software which runs on everything - so long as it's called Winderz! 
Having got it running, I now need to be able to move photos from my 
Fedora 12 external USB harddrive & there comes Problemo Uno - my virtual 
machine can't see any USB ports.  During installation it kept bubling on 
aabout how I'd got USBFS set up & should change it, but no idea how.

So, question to you smart folks out there.... HOW do I change the USB 
file system to something it might like?  Or is there a different way to 
share data between the Fedora host & the XP guest machines?????

As ever, many thanks fr all the time you spend helping me out of my "Tar 
Baby" situation(s)!



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