Brasero has lost its mind!

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Mon Apr 4 08:00:21 UTC 2011

>> This is with ye olde Fedora 9, but I wonder if it still does the same
>> thing on the current versions:
>> Drag a pile of files into the window for creating a disc from them, and
>> start to burn your disc.  It'll spend ages creating the image from the
>> files, then burn it.
>> Now try burning a second copy.  It'll spend ages creating a new image
>> form the files, then burn that.  It doesn't keep and re-use the image it
>> made before.
>> Yes, I'd checked appropriate options about doing that.

On Sun, 2011-04-03 at 18:43 +0200, Zoltan Hoppar wrote: 
> Read this to be enlightened:

An entirely different set of conditions to what I talked about (creating
the compilation to be burnt, compared to problems during burning).

I'd seen such arguments before.  But the fellow did have a fit of pique
about it and people using it.  And I was less than thrilled with him
turning it into crippled shareware, as far as burning some types of
discs with it was concerned.  This is the wrong arena to try that lark.

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