OT: one huge monitor or 2 smaller or bigger ones ? SOLVED

David Hough fedora at llondel.org
Mon Apr 4 20:31:27 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-04-04 at 09:08 +0000, Tim wrote:

> Joe Zeff
> >>> Normally, I don't see the point of having multiple monitors in Linux 
> >>> because so much of what you need them for can be done with multiple 
> >>> desktops on one screen. 
> Linuxguy123:
> > Have you tried using a dual monitor setup.  I find it indispensable.
> > Right now I am typing an email in my left display while watching a
> > download in the right one.  Its not the same as having both windows in
> > one display, its better.  For one thing, you never have to worry about a
> > window in one display covering up a window in the other display, even if
> > the other app does funny things with the focus.
> I have, but I do find it a bit of an organisational pain.  And some
> things are far less than intuitive to use when their controls are on the
> next screen.  I've also had to deal with using two computers side by
> side, and that was slightly less painful for some things.  e.g. Web site
> work, with editing on one, and checking on the other.
> By the time you get around to playing with dual monitors, you might want
> to consider if what you really want is one *HUGE* monitor with very high
> resolution.
Two monitors does occasionally confuse a program, but generally I find
it helpful because I can set something to full screen and it occupies a
single monitor, leaving the other for other things. The other local
problem I have here is the cats that like sitting between keyboard and
monitor. They can't quite manage to block both at the same time so I can
keep on working by moving windows around.

There's also the contingency factor - if one of my monitors dies then I
can still use the other one until a replacement arrives. With one large
monitor failing I'm stuck in the dark.


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