/etc/passwd and shadow was blank

Rod James Bio rjubio at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 06:54:55 UTC 2011

Hello new fedora user here, long time Linux(debian/ubuntu & centos) user 
though. I experienced a problem with one of our server with Fedora 9(I 
know its old but the developer insisted this version).

3 days ago the dev team was suddenly disconnected when they were 
uploading files. I was called to assess the problem. ssh was returning 
"connection refused" even thoug there was no firewall on that server 
according to the devs. When I was not able to login too I rebooted the 
server in hope that I only forgotten my own password. On reboot I 
dropped to single user mode and noticed that the "/" partition was full 
so I cleared unwanted files and another thing is I noticed that both the 
/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow file was blank. Good thing there was a copy 
on /etc called "passwd--" and "shadow--", I cp'ed those files and 
rebooted and Voila everything was fixed.

Now my question is what was the cause why those files had gone blank? I 
never experience this kind of problem before in ubuntu and centos so I 
was thinking it was a distro-specific problem. I already search google 
but the same question had gone unanswered by the community.

*Rod James U. Bio*<http://www.pregi.net>
as aj would say, waiting always works either what you want happens, or 
you die and cannot be perturbed anymore the trouble with this philosophy 
is that aj sincerely believes it
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