[Fedora] Re: [Fedora] Re: native texlive and yum

Walter Cazzola cazzola at dico.unimi.it
Thu Apr 7 07:22:06 UTC 2011

On Wed, 6 Apr 2011, Genes MailLists wrote:

> On 04/06/2011 03:56 PM, Walter Cazzola wrote:
>> uhm, this sounds really strange since it is complaining on a rm
>> statement and I suppose you have rm in your system.
>> In my view two things could be wrong:
>>  1. I'm using tcsh as a shell and maybe something differ when you use
>>     bash
>>  2. did you install the rpmdevtools and prepared the rpmbuild directory?
>   1) Am using bash
>   2) yes
> I think the problem is the Carriage Returns (control-M) - see below:
>  >> + $'\r'
>  It is trying to execute that as a shell command ... it makes no sense.
>   But I don't know where it comes from ... I think the "$" was supposed
> to go with the variable "RmSH" but I am not sure - instead it got
> attached to the carriage return and caused problems ... maybe :-)

try to run tcsh before the rpmbuild command, I don't have any clue on
this, sorry. In the case I can pass you the rpm for your architecture if
you need it.


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