upgrade fc 13 to 14 broke dual display

Gregory Machin gdm at linuxpro.co.za
Sun Apr 10 21:59:58 UTC 2011


I did the upgrade from fc 13 to fc 14, on my Dell Latitude E6500, with
docking station that has dual display attached. Since the upgrade the
dual displays , don't display the gui. Startup gets to the end and
hangs where it should return the gui login. Some thing to note is that
during boot (if you don't push escape) the normal boot progress screen
displays on both of the attached monitors then goes black with a
flashing cursor in the right hand display . If I remove the laptop
from the docking station it works fine.   I tried putting my other
laptop on the docking station (same make model etc) and got the same
results. So this is not limited to one machine. Both machines are
upgrades from fc 13.

Any suggestions ..


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