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fedora fedora at
Tue Apr 12 14:21:12 UTC 2011

If i remember correctly, modifying passwords in the LDAP DIT via the 
normal password utility should be possible at least since the 
introduction of  sssd.
As we do not go this way, i can't tell you how to configure it.


On 2011-04-12 15:47, Judith Flo Gaya wrote:
> Hello Suomi,
> Thanks for your answer.
> Excuse my ignorance I don't know if I understood you correctly. My point
> in the e-mail (sorry I didn't mention it ;( ) was to be able to modify
> the password using the passwd command instead of ldapadd/ldapmodify, if
> I use ldappasswd I have no problem with the encryption of the password.
> When you say in the ldap config, you mean on server side or on client side?
> Thanks again,
> j
> On 04/12/2011 02:55 PM, fedora wrote:
>> At this site, we are using LDAP authentication exclusively. In the LDAP
>> DIT whe have all kinds of hased passwords including crypt, ssh, ssha. In
>> front of the password hash of the userPassword attribute we indicate the
>> type of hash used:
>> {crypt}/ey2ykUvpobl
>> {SHA}QwdAWqb3+JCy34khUkrR81af/B
>> We can auttenticate a user via pam, and the mail-message store
>> authenticates mail users using the same userPassword attribute.
>> The primary hash is indicated in the LDAP config:
>> olcPasswordHash: {SSHA}
>> Thus, when we use the LDAP tools (ldapadd, ldapmodify) to add/change
>> passwords, the hash type is indicated automatically in the userPassword
>> attribute as explained above.
>> suomi
>> On 2011-04-12 10:53, Judith Flo Gaya wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'm dealing with ldap and after switching to ssha passwords in the
>>> server side, my clients are no longer able to change them passwords
>>> without losing access to the server.
>>> The issue is related to the different hashing methods (server is using
>>> ssha and clients (f14) are using crypt).
>>> Is there any way to force the passwd command to generate ssha hashed
>>> passwords?
>>> I've trying to do it through the authconfig command but seems that I
>>> can't.
>>> On the other side I would like to make the users able to login even if
>>> the network fails (i.e the ldap server is unreachable), I've read that
>>> this can be done with nscd but I don't know neither how nor the
>>> implications that this change will produce.
>>> Thanks a lot for any help in advance, it will be very appreciated,
>>> j

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