[OT Humor] "Obviously designed by morons"

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Tue Apr 12 14:45:29 UTC 2011

Antonio Olivares wrote:
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>> wrote:
>>> And finally, Fedora will not be the only distro where
>> this happens, others will
>>> follow eventually, just like they did with KDE.
>>> I don't want to play a prophet or to sound negative,
>> but --- mark my words...
>>> ;-)
>>> My advice is to just try to adapt to new Gnome, or
>> migrate to KDE or some
>>> other DE, and adapt to that. But don't weep and moan
>> about Gnome 2, it will be
>>> effectively dead very soon
> I doubt it (but on Fedora *this is true*).  Many folks[*That have a comfort zone with Gnome 2.X*] will stick to Fedora 14 till they can adapt to GNOME 3 or move on to other desktops.  KDE 3 did not die, BTW it lives as trinity desktop:
> http://www.trinitydesktop.org/
> Some speculate that GNOME 2.X will live on as a fork?  it is possible but since we use Fedora many of us users will use what is here and unless we are willing to do some work on our own can use the alternative desktops or other ways of dealing with this.
I don't view the window manager as a video game, and I have more things I want 
to learn than time to learn them. Therefore, I really reject the idea of having 
to waste time learning GNOME3, which by design will never do what I want because 
it is designed from the bottom up with the top priority being keeping dumb users 
from hurting themselves rather than letting competent users be productive.

What a shame, after making GNOME2 so good, instead of make GNOME3 more powerful, 
they decided to make it "child safe" instead.

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