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On 04/12/2011 07:26 AM, Stephen P Molnar wrote:
> Two more questions:
> 1.  How is the MBR affected/changed?  I ask because I want to do this first
> on the laptop that I use for consulting and I wouldn't want to mess it up.
> 2.  Is the Fedora HD portable, that is can I run Eudora on another computer?
> Thanks in advance.
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>> Is it possible to install Fedora on an USB External Hard Drive?
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> yes, it works very smoothly: and it is included in the installation
> procedure
If your BIOS supports booting directly from the USB
drive, then there is a phase of installation where you
are prompted to specify which disk will have grub
installed on it. In that phase, be sure to specify the
disk which corresponds to the USB drive; for example
/dev/sdb  (as opposed to /dev/sda, which I gather would
be your windows? boot disk).

Good luck,


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