How to install Apache web server in Fedora 14? Can yum be used for installing?

Varuna Seneviratna varunaseneviratna at
Wed Apr 13 04:46:50 UTC 2011

         I started the service But I had to log on as root.The problem
I have now is How to Do web development.The Test page is displayed
when accessed through localhost.In the left part of the Test page the
below is displayed

If you are the website administrator:

You may now add content to the directory /var/www/html/. Note that
until you do so, people visiting your website will see this page, and
not your content. To prevent this page from ever being used, follow
the instructions in the file /etc/httpd/conf.d/welcome.conf.

You are free to use the images below on Apache and Fedora powered HTTP
servers. Thanks for using Apache and Fedora!

My problems are
1 How to Do web Development, I am not able to(not allowed) save any
.html or any other file in the directory /var/www/html Do I have to
logged in as root to Do web Development?
2 Am I safe from outside intrusion when running the Web Server bound to port 80

On 13 April 2011 10:00, Joshua Andrews <woodguy552010 at> wrote:
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> From: Varuna Seneviratna <varunaseneviratna at>
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> Sent: Tue, April 12, 2011 8:08:53 PM
> Subject: How to install Apache web server in Fedora 14? Can yum be used for
> installing?
> When I give the command
> yum info httpd
> The Output is:
> Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit
> Adding en_GB to language list
> Installed Packages
> Name        : httpd
> Arch        : i686
> Version     : 2.2.17
> Release     : 1.fc14
> Size        : 2.8 M
> Repo        : installed
> From repo   : updates
> Summary     : Apache HTTP Server
> URL         :
> License     : ASL 2.0
> Description : The Apache HTTP Server is a powerful, efficient, and
> extensible
>            : web server.
> Does this mean that HTTP Server is already installed on my system and
> if it is How do I start it and Access it as local host
> Varuna
> You can start the service - 'service httpd start'
> You'll need to edit the config file.
> Check it's running with firefox or whatever browser you choose at
> 'http://localhost' you should see a test page with some information on it.
> -J

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