virtual keyboards with vmware and fc14

Robert Myers rbmyersusa at
Wed Apr 13 16:08:14 UTC 2011

fc14 using vmware player under windows 7.  No virtual keyboard works completely:

gok--nothing but an incomprehensible menu, nothing in the system
menus.  Never got a keyboard to appear.

florence--keys press but aren't passed along to the application

matchbox-keyboard--worked until I had to enter something that included
a hash (#).  The keyboard puts the sign for English pounds sterling
where the # should be and has a separate key for #--which doesn't
work, apparently.

only found florence and matchbox-keyboard using yum search.  No clue
anywhere in the default system as installed as to how to use a virtual

this is not my primary system.  I don't absolutely have to solve this
problem, but what if I did?  Nothing comprehensible in the system as
installed about accessibility.  Maybe I should install an instance of
ubuntu, as well.  I can't believe it would be as user-hostile.


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