How to install Fedora&Ubuntu with encrypted VG's on one disk?

johhny_at_poland77 johhny_at_poland77 at
Wed Apr 13 22:43:50 UTC 2011

I installed a Fedora 14 first, then an Ubuntu 10.04. I installed them using dm_crypt/aes256/lvm, so i used encrypted VolumeGroups. ok. 

At the end of the ubuntu install it said it cannot install GRUB...ok 
So i had to use SuperGRUBdisk to start Fedora&give out the command: "grub-install /dev/sda", OK! now i can boot to fedora normally, without using supergrubdisk..
But: the problem is, that i can't boot to ubuntu!

Q: Is there any working way to install Fedora 14 & Ubuntu 10.04 using (separated) encrypted VolumeGroups? (each volumegroup with other password) that 2 users (who knows the root passwords of their own distro) can use 1 pc? (so that they cannot see each others files..) 

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