Problems reading files after writing them to DVD

Colin Paul Adams colin at
Thu Apr 14 15:53:03 UTC 2011

>>>>> "Lamar" == Lamar Owen <lowen at> writes:

    Lamar> On Thursday, April 14, 2011 09:46:24 AM Burkhard Plache wrote:
    >> I had the same problem (Fedora 14 up-to-date, using Brasero), and
    >> blamed it on my CD/DVD burner. Hmm.

    Lamar> I have a client with the same problem; I showed him how to
    Lamar> use k3b, which works fine.  Doesn't help determine why
    Lamar> brasero is doing this, but got him productive again, and he
    Lamar> now prefers the k3b way of doing things.  But he also likes
    Lamar> the KDE version of Shisen-Sho, and so already had enough of
    Lamar> KDE installed to make k3b an easy fix.

Well, k3b seems to do slightly better than Brasero - it raises an error
when verifying track 0. Also, if I re-insert the DVD, it still comes up
as a blank one.
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Preston Lancashire
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