Akonadi annoyance

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Wed Apr 20 09:57:09 UTC 2011

When I start KMail I get a stream of akonadi warnings,
such as (8 similar warnings today):
  akonadi_contacts_resource_1(20914)/libkdepim Akonadi::PluginLoader::scan:
  missing or empty X-KDE-ClassName value in
which means nothing at all to me.

Sometimes KMail will not start, saying that akonadi has failed.
I find in this case I can always get KMail to start by
  akonadictl stop
  akonadictl start

This has only happened (with Fedora-14) in the last 2 or 3 weeks,
and only happens about 1 time in 4 when starting KMail.
It's only an annoyance, since I can get round the problem as above.

It was suggested that I should use a development kdepim,
but to me that is like taking morphine for an ingrowing toe-nail.

Timothy Murphy  
e-mail: gayleard /at/ eircom.net
tel: +353-86-2336090, +353-1-2842366
s-mail: School of Mathematics, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland

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