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BeartoothHOS beartooth at comcast.net
Thu Apr 21 16:15:20 UTC 2011

	I have four legacy suites of map software (Garmin and three 
others that I care less about) and four different GPSs (all Garmin), with 
a dozen years' accumulation of waypoints, routes, etc.

	Wine under Fedora usually (not always, for some reason) lets me 
install and run the Garmin suite and one other; but it does not enable 
the software to talk to the GPSs (which all use a serial port -- and no 
serial/USB adapter I know of helps).

	I've looked, every couple of years, at various linux-native map 
software, and always found a learning curve that would be beyond whatever 
life and strength I may have left -- even if I were sure it could digest 
my legacy data.

	So, afaict, the alternative is to install a virtual M$ under one 
of the virtualization packages, and run my legacy software under that. It 
will almost never get a connection to the Net, other than updates from 

	Has anyone here done this? Is one package more user-friendly than 
another? The last time I looked at one, two or three years ago (and I 
disremember which), it had a learning curve as daunting as linux-native 
map software ....

	Is there a pons asinorum for such a project anywhere??

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