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I tried to find it but it is all named like 'rt3070-kmod.~~~.src.fc14' or 'rt3070-kmod-debuginfo.~~~.fc14'.
The first one is something that I've tried before(Unpack and there's the src), but I haven't tried the latter one. Thanks.
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> The best thing for you to do is to return your network adapter and get
> one that's natively supported in Linux.
> Unlike MS-Windows, where hardware drivers are typically supplied by
> the manufacturer, all drivers for most common hardware are directly
> included in the Linux kernel. The Linux kernel community always
> accepts drivers from active and responsive OEMs for direct inclusion
> and distribution as part of the stock Linux kernel.
> Most common wireless network hardware is already supported by Linux,
> out of the box. If your hardware is not supported, return it and get
> one that does.
I believe that the needed packages to support the RT3070 are in the
rpmfusion-free repository.
I had done this back in F11 to get the RT2860 working....but it was a
long time ago. It did work fine I just decided not to use the wireless
card on my desktop system.
I am sure someone else will know the details. But, generally the step
should be....
1. Enable the rpmfusion-free repo
2. Install kmod-rt3070 which will pull in the dependencies for the
kernel you're running.
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