Network printing in Fedora 15

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Fri Aug 5 20:06:43 UTC 2011

Tim Waugh ha scritto / said the following    il giorno/on 04/08/2011 16:04:
> On Thu, 2011-08-04 at 09:01 -0500, Richard Shaw wrote:
>> I recently upgraded (clean install) my wife to F15 and noticed that
>> even after I opened up the firewall for printing that it did not auto
>> detect my printers like it had in F14. Am I missing something or is
>> this intentional?
> Could you give a bit more detail?  What printers were you expecting to
> be auto-detected... are they hosted on CUPS instances on the network, or
> are they actual network printers?
> Tim.
> */
I have exactly the same problem, printer is not auto-detected, and it is 
detected only if I insert the remote IP.
I insert the correct driver, but at a certain step when verifying 
printer, I get the message that printer is not available!!
Firewall is disabled on all network machines.
What is the starting point to decode the problem (Printer is a HP2350 
all in one)?? Same printer with same driver is working fine if directed 
connected to computer


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