Audio CDs not mounting

Joachim Backes joachim.backes at
Mon Aug 8 14:45:41 UTC 2011

On 08/08/2011 04:11 PM, Tim wrote:
> Ed Greshko:
>>> Well, as Tim & I have can't mount an Audio CD.
> Darryl L. Pierce:
>> Sure you can!
> 'fraid not...
>> (inserts Kirby Krackle's "Super Powered Love" CD in drive)
>> (gets dialog from Gnome, selects "Open folder")
>> (shown folder of WAV files)
>> Granted, it's not visible from the command line as a file system, but
>> the CD is mounted and accessible.
> It's not "mounted."  "Mounting" has a specific meaning, that refers to
> putting a file system on your file tree.  This isn't happening, and
> can't happen - as there's no file system on an audio disc.
> And there are no WAV files on a CD.  What you're seeing is an interface
> that "pretends."  It's giving you an interface in your file browser that
> lets you pick a track on a disc, then do something with that track,
> depending on what features are built into your browser.
> Behind the scenes, if you double-click on a track, an audio player
> application is told to play that track.  Or, if you drag the track
> somewhere, an audio-ripper is told to rip that track to a file.
> All of this is done through a handler that makes it look like you're
> directly dealing with files on some disc, but it's not.

Weird: Inserting an audio CD, then clicking (inside the desktop) with
nautilus on the computer icon and then on "CD/DVD Drive: Audio Disc",
the next nautilus window shows a window with title: "These files are on
an Audio CD." with a file list like "Track 1.wav", "Track 2.wav",...

You may see the nautilus window at:
Joachim Backes <joachim.backes at>

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