Totem and Mozplugger Firefox plugin deathmatch over audio/wav

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at
Mon Aug 22 14:09:44 UTC 2011

I've got one x86_64 machine with Firefox, and one i386 machine. Both have  
totem-mozplugin and mozplugger installed.

On both machines, about:plugin shows audio/wav MIME type being handled by  
both of them.

The 32 bit machine though, in Firefox's Preferences → Application dialog,  
only the Totem plugin is listed as an available handler for a WAV file. The  
64 bit machine only shows Mozplugger in the dropdown list of handlers. Both  
plugins appear to be locked in a deathmatch over who gets its dibs on  

I note that both machines also have mplayer installed, and in both cases  
mplayer is also offered as an alternative choice to either mozplugger or  
totem, for audio/wav. I do not understand why mozplugger and totem are not  
offered as choices simultaneously, and why it's one on one machine, and the  
other on the other machine.

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