Gnome3: don't have anymore the language selection box and the keyboard selection box in gdm

stan gryt2 at
Tue Aug 30 18:47:09 UTC 2011

On Mon, 29 Aug 2011 10:47:57 +0200
Eric Doutreleau <Eric.Doutreleau at> wrote:

> I have just installed fedora15 and therefore move to gnome3.
> we have several hundreds of pc in lab environnement where 4000+ users 
> can log in.
> There s a lot of different nationalities among these users and i have 
> dozens of languages installed.
> In fedora 13 people could select ( after typing their login )
> selecting:
> the WM
> The language
> the keyboard
> Now i have only access to the choose of WM.
> Does someone know how i can get back the two other selection box?

I run F15 x86_64.  Because I am using old hardware, it defaults to
fallback mode.  I start it with startx after logging in at a console,
so I can't tell you if the greeter still allows language and keyboard
selection, though I know that F14 does.  Since the fallback mode is
more like Gnome 2, it might still have the language and keyboard
selection.  You can read more about the fallback mode here.!

I didn't like the dark look, so I used information from the above site
to change the adwaita theme colors.  It is now just CSS, so easy to
change. I tried loading other themes, but that doesn't seem to be
possible yet. I suspect that much of Gnome 3 is a work in progress at
this point, with lots of user friendliness yet to be implemented.

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