Fedora 16: quota command for NFS shares

Rich Boyce rich at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Dec 5 16:32:42 UTC 2011

On 30/11/11 10:00, Rich Boyce wrote:
> Hello list,
> In Fedora 14, running 'quota' whilst in an NFS share showed the user
> quota for the share. In Fedora 16, it does not. Any idea how to get this
> working?

Replying to my own message. In the end I've recompiled and repackaged 
the version of quota (3.17) that is in F14, for F16. I've renamed the 
package and command to quota3, and removed all other files from the new 
package. This installs fine alongside the F16 quota package (version 
4.00-pre1) and works nicely.

I'm guessing the problem with using version 4 is that we're still using 
NFS version 3 here. Perhaps quota 4 can't talk to NFS 3 servers.


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