Unable to get into X

Marko Vojinovic vvmarko at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 13:54:07 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 07 December 2011 20:29:21 Joe Zeff wrote:
> The log is at
> http://www.zeff.us/xorglog.txt right now. 

Ok, this is funny... Judging by the log, for all intents and purposes X seems 
to be actually running without any trouble.

How exactly did you start the X session? From telinit 3, using startx? Going 
back to telinit 5? What exactly do you see on the screen when you try it?

[   187.383] (--) using VT number 7
[   188.799] (II) NVIDIA(0): --- Modes in ModePool for ViewSonic VA912-3SERIES 
(DFP-0) ---
[   188.799] (II) NVIDIA(0): "nvidia-auto-select" : 1280 x 1024 @  60.0 Hz  
(from: X Server, VESA, EDID)
[   188.854] (II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "nvidia-auto-select"
[   188.980] (II) NVIDIA(0): First mode initialized
[   188.987] (II) NVIDIA(0): Using built-in logo image.

>From the above I would say that the X session is up and running, using 
1280x1024, on virtual terminal 7. A very dumb question: which VT are you 
looking at? Did you try to do a CTRL-ALT-F7 after starting X?

Then later at some point you press the shutdown button,

[   191.486] (II) evdev: Power Button: Close
[   191.496] (II) Unloading evdev
[   192.203] Server terminated successfully (0). Closing log file.

and the X server shuts down cleanly.

Bottomline --- from where I sit (ie. according to the log file), X is actually 
running on your machine, and very happily so, without any trouble at all. The 
vNidia driver even reports displaying the nVidia logo picture during the 
startup phase.

It would be a good idea to describe what you actually see on the screen, 
because nothing in the log shows any problems.

HTH, :-)

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