Unable to get into X

Leonardo Silveira sombriks at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 20:02:32 UTC 2011

Change the target as shown there:


but i don't know how to do it directly from grub...

Em Qui, 2011-12-08 às 12:00 -0800, Joe Zeff escreveu: 
> OK, I tried letting it sit there trying to start GDM.  Came back after 
> about ten minutes and it had turned itself off in despair.  Before 
> trying again, I have two questions.
> First, what do I add to the boot parameters to get it to start in a CLI 
> so that I don't have to use the kludge from rescue mode.  Second, what 
> logs do I need to grovel or post to work out what's going on?
> (I'm beginning to wonder if my graphics card simply picked this time to 
> die; it happened to my sister, recently, during an Ubuntu upgrade.)

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