Publishing for IEEE 802 -- PDF, Framemaker, and Visio

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Sun Dec 11 02:06:17 UTC 2011

I am going to be chairing a Task Group in IEEE 802 (802.15.9) starting 
next month.  Hopefully someone else will volunteer to be the editor, and 
proposals and presentations are done in .doc and .ppt so I have been 
using Oo.

But now I will need to produce and edit PDFs.  All diagrams MUST be in 
Visio format (IEEE requirement).  802.11 requires use of Framemaker 
(fortunately, though this is 802.15 and they are not so locked in.  yet).

So I am looking for some decent pdf and visio tools to use on my new f16 
system.  And I am quite the basic typer/drawer.

A little bit different writing requirement than has been posted here in 
the past day+.

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