F16 - opening more terminal sessions

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at courier-mta.com
Sun Dec 11 04:09:41 UTC 2011

Robert Moskowitz writes:

> In f16, if I open a terminal session when one is open, it just switches
> me to the running terminal session.  When I tried using Sft-Ctl-N to
> open a session from the running session, I then had warnings when
> closing the starting session.
> I just want to open lots of session....
> help?

Screw the designed-by-a-committee-of-clueless-usability-"experts" Gnome 3.  
You just need to flip a few toggles to restore some Gnome 2-like sanity, in  
three easy steps:

Step 1: Install gnome-tweak-tool, if not already installed

Step 2: Run it. Open the "Desktop tab". Turn on the "Have file manager  
handle the desktop" switch (that is, after you figure out which one of the  
two confusing icons means that the switch is on, and which one means it off).

Step 3: For the last time, open a terminal window the Gnome 3 way, and  

cp /usr/share/applications/gnome-terminal.desktop $HOME/Desktop

The end: you'll now have a terminal icon on your desktop. Each time you  
double-click on it, you'll get a new terminal window.

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