Publishing for IEEE 802 -- PDF, Framemaker, and Visio

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Sun Dec 11 14:59:54 UTC 2011

On 12/11/2011 09:01 AM, Alan Cox wrote:
>> But now I will need to produce and edit PDFs.  All diagrams MUST be in
> You can't meaningfully edit a PDF - its a print format. It's really
> output not input (except maybe to things like printers). Openoffice
> happily generates pdf documents, it's quite good at it in fact.

For example, the IEEE online PAR generator puts out the PAR as PDF, but 
you always need to make some changes to it, so you have to edit that PDF 
then upload the edited PDF to the document server.

>> Visio format (IEEE requirement).  802.11 requires use of Framemaker
>> (fortunately, though this is 802.15 and they are not so locked in.  yet).
> Visio has two formats it generally uses. VDX is the newer 'XML' format
> and Dia can import and export VDX files.
>> So I am looking for some decent pdf and visio tools to use on my new f16
>> system.  And I am quite the basic typer/drawer.
> Alan

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