intel graphic card boot error

Shibi zzgraph at
Sun Dec 11 22:46:32 UTC 2011

Hi list
I use a script to switch between my graphic cards on startup and shutdown.
there are a atu Radeon HD 5650 and an intel integrated card, because
of heating problems that made my gpu fan stuck, i always switch off
that radeon card on start up, but due to some problems that other
people reports about highspeed fan in boot time, i always use the
script to bring the radeon card back on when i shot down my laptop.
i don't know what i explained above is relevant but every time i boot
up again after power off the system with the script i get this error
in my screen:

[drm:ironlake_update_pch_refclk] *ERROR* enabling SSC on PCH

if i don't use script to shut down, I get a clean boot up.
what does it mean?
some serious problem exists when i boot up to my windows box with
intel card (it shows BDOS after two or tree minutes) that makes it
almost impossible to run windows on battery power for me because it
automatically uses intel graphic card and eventually get to BDOS
is it a hardware problem or just a driver fault? (I like to mention
that my Radeon GPU fan doesn't work at all but with radeon card being
off i don't have any heating problems)

Shahab Shahsavari Alavidjeh
شهاب شهسواری علویجه


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