fedora equivalent of recovery disk

Paul Allen Newell pnewell at cs.cmu.edu
Tue Dec 13 04:24:42 UTC 2011

On 12/12/2011 8:13 PM, g wrote:
> On 12/13/2011 03:37 AM, Paul Allen Newell wrote:
> <>
>> My two questions are  ... am I correct in assuming that after I create
>> the stick that I can boot off it to test that it is a working copy?
> -=-
> correct.
> if you use a 32 gb memory stick, you can put 'partedmagic' on it, which
> will use about 185 mg, rest of memory stick can be use for 'cloning'.
> 2 birds in hand, none in bush. ;)
>> do I need partedmagic if all I want is clonezilla?
> -=-
> you do not need 'partedmagic' if all you want is 'clonezilla'.
> advantage of 'partedmagic' is it has 'clonezilla' and by using a memory
> stick, you can/could add 'g4l', 81.2 as iso.
> would require mounting iso as a 'loop' and coping file to memory stick.
> which if you want, michael can help you with. or advise against.
>> Thanks again,
> -=-
> most welcome.
> much luck.

Thanks (once again) for your advice. From reading the Clonezilla page, I 
got the feeling that the approach to take was to burn Clonezilla to 
CD/DVD and use that to make image on USB such that the USB had the 
image. I am presuming from your answer that if I put everything 
(clonezilla and/or partedmagic and/or g4l and/or etc.) on the stick, it 
will know to boot from the image and won't get confused by the rest. 
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I've never tried anything like 
this before and want to get the stupid out of the way with questions so 
stupid doesn't happen when I do it.

I am not certain what you mean by "looping" and suspect that I am going 
to want to follow the path of least resistance (elegance with multiple 
options loses out to "just get me an image" that I can restore from)

I am waiting to see what Michael has to say re g4l ... now that I know I 
can work with external video I've got a bit more comfort as I don't feel 
that I'd better do it before the display permanantly dies (though I am 
obviously not interested in waiting until such happens in case more than 
the laptop's display dies)


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