fedora equivalent of recovery disk ... additional question

Michael D. Setzer II mikes at kuentos.guam.net
Tue Dec 13 07:13:33 UTC 2011

Perhaps the best option to look at it.


Screen Show 1 - shows the syslinux boot menu screen.
Usually just press Enter to boot the default kernel.

Press right arrow of side of image to go to next screen shot.

Screen shot 2 - shows the various options. For local backup just 
enter g4l and press enter.

Screen shot 3 -Just Press Enter to select Raw Menu option

Screen shot 4 - Select Local Menu optin and enter

Screen shot 5 - Is network menu we skip.

Screen shot 6 - Local Menu.

A Enter to select the partition to save image on.
B Enter the name of the Image file.
C Skip unless File sytem doesn't support larger files
D Skip unless you want to use a compress other than lzop
E Will start a backup with lzop compress. 
   Prompts for partition or disk to backup
   Will show progress bar as it does back.

Then reboot.

That's the simple version. Just use option F instead of E to 
restore. The utility menu has a way to clear free space to reduce 
image size. 

There is also a documentation file that has more than the 6 
screen shots that sourceforge allows, and it has some step by 
step instructions that might be helpful.

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