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Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Fri Dec 16 20:30:17 UTC 2011

Am 16.12.2011 21:19, schrieb Joe Zeff:
> On 12/16/2011 11:51 AM, Soham Chakraborty wrote:
>> Big virtual process address space is the immediate benefit that comes to
>> my mind. In 32 bit systems, 4G is the limitation of process address space.
>> For a new system. go 64 bit.
> If you don't expect any process to need more than 4G, or you're expecting to 
> be limited in the total amount of RAM, a PAE kernel may be sufficient.  

but don't forget the overhead of PAE

"don't expect any process to need more than 4G" is also a problem
in context speaking about new hardware, 3 years ago i thought
"wow 8 GB memory is great, who will ever need more than 16 GB"

a year later this server had some more virtual machines a never
could imagine before, one of them dbmail and the 16 GB was too less

well, this situation will not happen normally on a workstation
but i got this year two "HP Compaq 8200 Elite CMT PC" with 16 GB RAM,
4x2 TB RAID10 disk, Intel i7-2600 with USB3, eSATA and all components
i ever had dreamed of for a total cost of 1.600 € where the machine
can be expanded to 32 GB memory

looking at the total price, current performance and the option use double
amount of memory i would these days never ever buy cheap hardware with
limitations and additional limitations with a i686 OS because this
hardware has the power to work the next 5-6 years and having
in mind the it-changes of the last years it can really hurt to
realize two years later that it was epic fail limit to i686 and
have to reinstall from scratch instead expand RAM and be happy

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